How to Prepare Hemp for Fishing

How To Prepare and Cook Hemp Seeds for Fishing

Preparing hemp for fishing is a straightforward process that can significantly enhance your angling success. Hemp seeds are a powerful fish attractor, loved by various coarse fish species.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to prepare hemp for fishing, ensuring you get the best results on your next fishing trip.

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Why Use Hemp for Fishing?

Hemp seeds are highly attractive to a variety of coarse fish species, including carp, barbel, roach, and dace. The small size and the oils released when the seeds are cooked make them irresistible to fish. The white kernel that becomes visible when the seed splits is particularly enticing.

1. Versatility

Hemp can be used in multiple ways:

  • Loose Feed: Hemp seeds can be used as loose feed, either thrown directly into the water or mixed with groundbait. This helps to draw fish into your swim and keep them there.
  • Hook Bait: Individual hemp seeds can be used on the hook. They are particularly effective when fish are feeding heavily on loose hemp.

2. Nutritional Value

Hemp seeds are rich in essential fatty acids, proteins, and other nutrients. This makes them not only attractive but also beneficial for the fish, encouraging them to feed more actively.

3. Ease of Preparation

Preparing hemp for fishing is straightforward. The process involves soaking and simmering the seeds until they split, revealing the white interior. This preparation releases the natural oils and enhances the seeds’ attractiveness.

4. Cost-Effective

While you can buy pre-prepared hemp, preparing it at home is more cost-effective, especially if you use a lot of it. Buying in bulk and preparing it yourself can save money and allow you to customize the bait to your needs.

5. Customization

Hemp seeds can be customized with various additives to enhance their effectiveness. For example, adding chili powder, turmeric, or other flavorings can give your hemp an extra edge, making it even more attractive to fish.

6. Environmental Friendliness

Hemp is a natural and biodegradable bait option. Unlike some artificial baits, it does not harm the environment and is a sustainable choice for responsible anglers.

Hemp seeds are a versatile, effective, and natural bait that can significantly improve your fishing results. Their attractiveness to a wide range of fish species, combined with their nutritional value and ease of preparation, makes them a must-have in any angler’s bait box. Whether used as loose feed or hook bait, hemp seeds are sure to enhance your angling success.

How to Prepare Hemp for Fishing

Ingredients and Equipment

  • Uncooked hemp seeds
  • Cold water
  • A large pan
  • A sieve
  • A stove
  • Optional: bicarbonate of soda, chili powder, turmeric, or other additives

Step-by-Step Preparation

  1. Soak the Hemp Seeds
    • Cover the dry hemp seeds with cold water and leave them to soak for 24 hours. This initial soaking is crucial as it softens the seeds and prepares them for cooking.
  2. Simmer the Seeds
    • After soaking, transfer the seeds and the soaking water into a large pan. Bring the water to a boil, then reduce the heat and let it simmer for 20 to 40 minutes. The seeds are ready when the kernels split open, revealing the white interior.
  3. Cool the Seeds
    • Once the seeds are cooked, drain them using a sieve and douse them in cold water to halt the cooking process. This step ensures the seeds remain firm and do not become mushy.

Tips for Using Hemp in Fishing


  • Hemp seeds expand by about 10% when cooked. A pint of dry seeds will yield just over a pint of prepared bait. It’s advisable to prepare several pints at a time and freeze any excess for future use.

Hook Bait

  • For hook bait, select seeds that have begun to split but are not fully opened. You can mount the bait by pressing the bend of the hook into the split or by piercing the back of the seed with a pin and threading the hook through the split. Ensure the hard shell does not cover the hook point.

Loose Feed

  • Hemp is an excellent loose feed, especially effective in rivers and natural waters. It can be thrown, catapulted, or added to ground bait. Mixing hemp with small baits like casters, corn, and meat cubes can enhance its attractiveness.


  • To darken the hemp, add a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to the water when simmering. You can also add chili powder, turmeric, or your favorite flavoring to the cooked hemp to give it an extra edge.

Alternative Preparation Methods

Thermos Flask Method

  • For a no-mess preparation, you can use a thermos flask. Place the soaked hemp seeds in a thermos, fill it with boiling water, and leave it overnight. The seeds will be ready to use the next day.


  • Store the prepared hemp in a sealed container in the refrigerator, where it will last for three to five days. Alternatively, you can freeze the hemp in smaller quantities, ensuring it doesn’t dry out when defrosted by adding some of the cooking liquid.


Preparing hemp for fishing is easy and cost-effective. By following these simple steps, you can create a potent bait that will attract a wide range of fish. Whether you use it as loose feed or hook bait, hemp seeds are sure to enhance your fishing experience. Happy fishing!


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